The Elephant in the Jam: Eros

It’s there.  It’s always been there.  It’s always going to be there.  The Elephant in the Jam is Eros.  Just because we say ‘physics, not chemistry’, doesn’t mean that erotic energy isn’t fueling our dance.  Of course it is.  Dance and Eros are inextricably linked.  That’s why dance is so life-affirming. But what would it look like to own our erotic energy more consciously so that it doesn’t come out as shadow?  What would it take to allow ourselves to expand more fully into the erotic?  How might we allow our joy, passion and pleasure to deeply nourish our dances in ways that feel safe, honoring and dignified?  Please join me in this upcoming intensive where we’ll engage these questions as we welcome the Elephant into the Jam as an honored and celebrated guest.  We will experiment, play, reflect, and engage with the erotic in new and powerful ways that just might change your life – certainly it will change your dance.

Kristen Chamberlin, MS, LMT, SEP,
is a Massage & Somatic Therapist, parent and dancer, with 25 years experience in private practice, retreat facilitation and training.  She directs the Somatic Center ( in Northampton, MA with a focus on embodied approaches to healing; stress related medical conditions, trauma and Intimacy and Body-Awareness issues, drawing on Somatic Experiencing, Massage, Mindfulness, Himalayan Tantra, Dance and Yoga.  She is core teaching faculty at Institute for Sexuality Education and Enlightenment, and is founder of Tantric Ground (, a local Tantra learning community based on a direct lineage from Northern India.