Making Love Every Moment
(Based on the work of the Human Awareness Institute)

We spend our lives wanting to experience more love. We are all hungry to be “in love”, to touch hearts with others in real, profound and unforgettable ways – and yet we constantly find reasons to hold back in this moment, or from this person, or in this situation. What if we could be “making” more love in every moment, with every person, and within ourselves? What are we afraid would happen if we stopped holding back all of our truth, all of our tenderness, all of who we are? Why do we stop ourselves from loving full out? What might be possible if we trusted ourselves? This workshop, based on the work of the Human Awareness Institute, will create safe and precious time to explore our heart’s edges, calling us to challenge, to open, to soften more deeply, honoring the mystery and magic of how our hearts open and close. What if life is simply one big, endlessly unfolding opportunity to experience and create love

Val Hammel
has been making presentations for the Human Awareness Institute for 15 years. She’s a counselor, mediator and former body worker who draws from a broad background in emotional and spiritual growth. She teaches communication, listening, and conflict resolution skills to individuals and couples. She has a thorough understanding of emotional/psychological abuse, and supports people who are caught up in, recovering from, or self-confronting around the subtler and less understood forms of mental abuse. From that background has emerged her passion for educating folks in character discernment and healthy relationship skills.