Sightless Sensations Jam

We will be guided through Contact Improvisation Principals of connecting with ourselves, the space, and other movers through tapping deeply into our sensations.  You will be invited to wear blindfolds or close your eyes for the entire duration.  Sometimes we label what we come in contact with: an elbow, a man, a fragile body… It is an opportunity to observe what comes up in your mind/body: sensations, emotions, thoughts, wishes, repulsions, judgements…   We will explore scores that push us to observe & maybe reduce our patterns to identify what we experience.  The Jam will be an open and safe container in which to improvise, play and challenge ourselves without sight.

Alyssa Lynes
is a dancer and teacher interested in how communication and creative expression play out in partner dance forms. Alyssa grew up in MA, dancing many performative dance styles (Jazz, musical theater dance, Horton, Limon, Ballet). She received a BA in Contemporary dance and a MS in education in New York City where she worked as a freelance dancer and bilingual (Eng/Span) elementary school teacher. In 2010, her Contact Improvisation training with Nancy Stark Smith catapulted her off on a CI devoted trip to Europe where she has lived ever since. She has added Salsa and Tango to her Partner dance repertoire. Alyssa explores the overlaps of movement forms through her choreography and performance work (most recently in “You Have To” (E-werk Kammertheater ) and with the koreografenkollektiv (Freiburg, DE), in her co-directing film collaboration (“5 Ways In”: a documentary based in the Freiburg CI festival 2012), and in her CI teaching. She recently has taught at CI festivals such as Contact Meets Contemporary (DE), Earthdance New Years Jam (US), The Isreal CI festivals, Touch & Play (SP), and Bread & Jam (UK).