Abbi Jaffe (VT, USA)
Desire, Nourishment and Delight
Nourishing Lunch Ritual

Alex Perlman (Toronto, Canada)
Communicadance™: Conscious Connection & Transparency in Contact

Alyssa Lynes (USA/Spain)
Sightless Sensations Jam

Béu Tornaghi (Brazil/USA)
Nature Play

Brad Johnston & Kathleen Rea (Toronto, Canada)
Relationship in Movement Approach (RIMA)

Daniel Hayes (Holland/Spain)
Liquid Love Session

Daniel Hernandez (UK)
Divine Ridiculous

Hilary Johne Lake (MA, USA)
Moving in Grace: Journeying to the Edge and Beyond

Jesse Johnson (NY, New York, USA)
Spirituality and Communication

Moti Zemelman (MA, USA)
Deep Listening: Contact Improv & Non-violent Communication

Sarah Monette (MA, USA)
Authentic Relating Games

Solomon Krueger (Montreal, Canada)
Let’s get Cozy

Tanya Williams (Kitchener, Canada)
Embodied Pathway to a New Paradigm

Val Hammel (CA,USA)
Making Love Every Moment (Based on the work of the Human Awareness Institute)

Zach (Zigzag) Peery (OR,USA)
Class Title – TBA