Conscious Connection & Transparency in Contact

Dare to feel 100% of your aliveness without taboos or censorship! Honor the passionate and physical nature of your humanness as a kinesthetic, sensual, sexual being in all your sensitivity, vulnerability, and consciousness! Discover the breakthrough nature of each fresh moment! Our frame of interaction is contact improvisation while fostering the quality of awareness and the skill of transparent communication – verbally and nonverbally – and honoring the integrity, choice, reality, and space of ourselves and each other. The principles underlying non-violent communication and meditative practice are keys to our shared journey in our time of discovery and play together.

Alex Perlman
, MBA, MEd, MHRD, CPA, BPHE, has been leading contact improv dance and communication workshops for over 8 years and dancing the form for over 21 years. He’s facilitated workshops for awareness, movement, communication, and personal development since the 70’s including the Human Interaction™ program, with its feature experiential workshop retreats in the Caribbean. Alex is the founding visionary of Brilliant Contact Communities™ (, a developing network of experiential learning and holistic living in conscious, intimate, sustainable, expressive community.