Spirituality and Communication

“In this two hour session, we will dance, write and discuss the topic of spirituality and contact improvisation. Contact improvisation is an amazing form for supporting spiritual communities in connecting to unconditional support, paying attention to the present moment, practicing mercy and allowing themselves to connect deeply to another person from the heart. These features of CI conspire to elicit radical transformation in the way that people relate to their own bodies and each other. Whether I’m teaching at the beginning of parties, at transformational music and art festivals or in my own private workshops, I see this opening at play. People connect deeply to themselves and each other, finding a sense of belonging and expanding their experience of community.

Questions to consider:
– How can CI function as spiritual/healing/transformational practice?
– How does this support the development of community?
– What are the complications of being a transformational teacher?
– What are the differences between teaching CI for dancers and (pre-)spiritual seekers?”

Jesse Johnson
coaches dance teachers, yoga teachers, healers, transformational guides and spiritual leaders all over the world, helping them create, plan and execute retreats. Jesse has taught contact improvisation and meditation for both adolescents and adults in all contexts from schools to transformational festivals for the last 7 years. She facilitated the Underscore in NYC for many years and collaborated to produce the Global Underscore in 2012 and 2013. In addition to her work in CI, Jesse holds a MA in Mathematics from Columbia University and has taught mathematics for the last twelve years. She trained at the Center for Group Studies, an institute of modern group psychoanalysis and developed her skills as a facilitator. In addition to her work in math education, Over the last seven years, Jesse has produced, facilitated, and taught over 200 retreats and workshops all over the world. Working in spiritual, artistic and educational contexts has developed Jesse’s rare skillset – namely a unique clarity, deep curiosity and authentic compassion. She creates a strong container for long-lasting transformation in her clients and students and looks forward to bringing this energy to this beautiful jam.