Moving in Grace: Journeying to the Edge and Beyond

Moving in Grace is a Buddhist and shamanistic inspired ritual movement and sounding practice that is offered with the intention to bring grace and transformational awareness into the cycle of one’s daily life with the expression of our embodied dreams. In this version “Journeying to the Edge and Beyond” we will begin in meditation surrendering to being supported and nourished by the land as we are guided by visualizations of the cycle of the day and explore how we can bring the unconscious realms gently into the conscious through our movement and vocalization. We will move in and out of our inner experience while meeting others in their journeys and always returning back to our own breath and movement as our guides to return home as we give more of ourselves to our day and the embodiment of our dreams in community for the awakening of all beings. No experience with dance, meditation, yoga or any spiritual practice is needed. All that is needed is an open mind, heart and body that is ready to explore inner and outer touch with an intention to cultivate greater awareness.

Hilary Lake
is a healing artist and community minister who spans her ministry across diverse communities by bringing her embodied awareness and expression and by honoring the land and our relationships to the larger forces of our beings as we organize for more sustainable and generative lives in community. She graduated from Harvard Divinity School with an MDiv in Buddhist Ministry, has always been dancing and singing and studied many forms, from the classical to improvisational. Recently she journeyed to India and Nepal in 2014 to study tantric Buddhism and dance. Her practice of Moving in Grace is a synthesis of aspects of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, Buddhist insight meditation, shamanic journeying, Authentic Movement, Body Mind Centering and improvisational dance and vocal expression. She currently lives, works, and plays as a co-owner and manager of Nine Mountain Retreat Center next to Earthdance where she offers spiritual guidance retreats. She regularly co-facilitates Mandala Dance, a co-creative sacred community dance and is a member of Spirit Play Collective, an improvisational music, vocalization and movement performance collective in Western Massachusetts. She continues to deepen and expand her ministry in service for the well being of All. For more information about Hilary and Moving in Grace, please visit: