Divine Ridiculous

A potent ritual of giving permission to our silliest, ugliest, most vulnerable bodies.A strong energy of celebration, theatricality, love, and fun will ground visceral excursions into a fundamentally challenging territory:

I will be introducing tools with which to explore these polarities:
Divine/Ridiculous, Sacred/Profane, Ugly/Beautiful, Body/Nature, Truth/Masks, Shame/Worth, Light/Shadow, Puppet/Puppeteer, Disgust/Fascination, Pleasure/Pain, Authentic/Make-Believe, Sorrow/Joy, Witness/Seen, Boredom/Fun, Touch/Space, Authority/Rebellion.  We will be touching, playing, and dancing through a combination of structured exercises and jams, shamanic/creative rituals, body practices, adornments, games, and spontaneous combustion.

Hello. My name is Daniel Hernandez
. I am an itinerant mischief-maker exploring the ritual roots of performance. The deeper I have dived into teaching, performing, and living in this rich territory, the more I have seen archaic/ shamanic clown and mask cosmologies become fascinating and colourful routes into individuation: containing a vast treasure-box of rituals, dance, liminal states, grotesque archetypes and clown-lore.

My performances, projects, ceremonies and workshops draw upon a wide variety of related traditions: These include Dance, Clown, Bouffon, Butoh, Contact Improvisation, Tao/Tantra, Vodou, Mask, Psychomagic, Art, Sacred Sexuality and Breathwork. I am continually researching and developing my practice through trainings, readings, writings, ceremonies, experiments, and mistakes. My first love was music. I don’t claim to be a master of anything.