Guiding and Surrendering:
Explore conscious powerplay through dance

Explore conscious power play through dance. Power dynamics are present all the time, kink is about making power dynamics clear, creative, and consensual. Want to build trust, and adventure into desires that are at the edge of your comfort? Curious about embodying your masculine energy, your feminine energy, or both at the same time? Discover how gender impacts your impulse to guide or surrender (gender free words for two complementary energies!) Expand your experience of turn on and learn how to “heart fuck,” and make love with body parts that aren’t genitals! Bring this new awareness into your dances. Play with rhythm on the body: spanking, face slapping, and womb drumming… Your wild instincts are welcome and celebrated here: hair pulling, biting, scratching, growling, and more! You are free to discover and ask for what you really desire in a safe compassionate space that does not shame your wants. This is also an empowering space to say, “no,” strengthen your boundaries and voice them with confidence. You will learn about “safe words,” scene negotiations, tracking body consent, and after care. You are welcome to come with a beloved with whom you desire to go deep or to come ready to make some new connections. Are you ready to play?!

Zahava Griss
is a kinky, gender transcendent, dancer, bodyworker, and embodied leadership trainer.  They have been dancing for 30 years and entered a kinky lifestyle 7 years ago.  They have certifications in Urban Tantra, Yoga for Birth, Pilates, and Health Coaching.  They studied the sexual and spiritual arts of Sufi whirling, Sexual Shamanism, BDSM, bioenergetics, and transformational group dynamics.  They perform and teach at national conferences on healing racism, Dark Odyssey, Black Entertainment Television, New York University, Hunter College, the International Inspiring Women’s Summit, the Kennedy Center, the NY Midwifery conference, prenatal yoga teacher training, and the Deepak Chopra Center.  They have had the honor of serving and performing with Orpheus Black for many sweet years.  Learn more at