Desire, Nourishment and Delight

Authentic movement will support us to tend to and witness the exquisite worlds inside of ourselves and each other. Blueberries, chocolate and other treats will delight our senses and connect us to our capacity to take in nourishment more fully. A body art ritual will support us in asking for what we want, deepening our compassion, and widening the potential for transformation.

Nourishing Lunch Ritual

Bring your lunch and take time to explore the somatics of your digestions system, meditate on desire, hunger, and being full, and cultivate a silent meditative eating practice.

Check-in Circles

Circle and connect. Share how the festival is going for you and learn about the personal experiences of your fellow adventurers. .

Abbi Jaffe
is an embodiment activist and teacher, social worker and community builder. With her easeful, cultivated presence she authentically moves like a playful and listening animal, dancing with the earth in each moment.  Abbi inspires others to follow their own body’s curiosity and impulses, unleash their radiant resilience, and to be exquisite.  Learn more at