Kristen Chamberlin

The Elephant in the Jam: Eros It’s there.  It’s always been there.  It’s always going to be there.  The Elephant in the Jam is Eros.  Just because we say ‘physics, not chemistry’, doesn’t mean that erotic energy isn’t fueling our dance.  Of course it is.  Dance and...

Moti Zemelman (MA, USA)

Moti Zemelman, MFA, began practicing Contact Improv 28 years ago. Over the past 20 years he has taught and performed across USA, Canada, Central America, Mexico, Europe and Israel.

Alex Perlman

Alex Perlman, MBA, MEd, MHRD, CPA, BPHE, has been leading contact improv dance and communication workshops for over 8 years and dancing the form for over 21 years.

Sarah Monette

Sarah Monette is a trained Authentic Relating facilitator and leads regular games nights in Western Mass and NY to help individuals.

Jesse Johnson

Jesse Johnson coaches dance teachers, yoga teachers, healers, transformational guides and spiritual leaders all over the world, helping them create, plan and execute retreats.

Hilary Johne Lake

Hilary Lake is a healing artist and community minister who spans her ministry across diverse communities by bringing her embodied awareness and expression.

Daniel Hernandez

Hello. My name is Daniel Hernandez. I am an itinerant mischie​​f​-maker exploring the ritual roots of performance.

Brad Johnston and Kathleen Rea

Brad Johnston is an Embodied Life Coach. Kathleen Rea danced with Ballet Jörgen Canada, National Ballet of Canada & Tiroler Landestheater (Austria).

Zahava Griss

Zahava is a kinky, gender transcendent, dancer, bodyworker, and embodied leadership trainer. They have been dancing for 30 years and entered a kinky lifestyle 7 years ago.

Kristin Horrigan

Kristin Horrigan, a contact improviser since 1998, has taught and performed CI around the USA, as well as in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, Australia and Argentina.

Abbi Jaffe

Abbi Jaffe is an embodiment activist and teacher, social worker and community builder. With her easeful, cultivated presence she authentically moves like a playful and listening animal, dancing with the earth in each moment.

Val Hammel

We spend our lives wanting to experience more love. We are all hungry to be “in love”, to touch hearts with others in real, profound and unforgettable ways