Embodied Pathway to a New Paradigm

This workshop introduces us to a process where, together, we create a container for lovingly redesigning our body-mind by literally laying down new neurological pathways in the brain, through a fusion of authentic movement, contact improvisation, Gestalt, the Living Room Context work of Jean Robertson, and the Pathway work of Laurel Mellin.

is a context artist with a passion for dancing with complex systems… in community, on the land, and in the body. She has been facilitating contact improvisation for 17 years, along with physical theatre, ensemble improvisation, and authentic movement. She studied Alexander Technique movement education for many years and enjoys developing new ways to draw on all these forms to enrich contact improvisation. In a recent collaboration with Aaron Brandes, they focused on integrating the wisdom of Thomas Myers’ Structural Integration bodywork to create and share a mutually healing and enlivening dance practice. She is an artistic associate with the MT Space (Multi-cultural Theatre Space) and founder of the Ontario Regional Contact Jam, Friends of the Floor Dance-Theatre and The Living Room Context 24/7 learning community exploring what it means to embody a systems understanding and an experience of flow in everyday life. Most recently, she has been interested in how to create the conditions that nurture awareness of shifts in attention, sensation, perception, meaning-making, impulse and choice, and that grow response-ability and delight at our learning edges, emerging self-authorship and co-intelligence in the dance.

Vivek Patel

I have been practicing/playing contact improv for 11 years.
Contact is a central part of my life.
It deeply affects all aspects of my being.
Physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual.
As martial artist who has been teaching and practicing for almost 30 years I usually integrate some martial arts principles into my classes.
The overlap between the two arts is astonishingly useful.
My dancing has made me a better martial artist, and the martial arts has made me a better dancer.
Even though I teach on a fairly regular basis
I actually consider myself a full-time student of contact.
I am always a beginner looking to deepen, learn and grow.
I love to move, I love to learn and I love to have fun.
That sounds like a pretty good combination for a workshop!